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Rare Pre-Napoleonic Era Menorah, c. late 1600s

Rare Pre-Napoleonic Era Menorah, c. late 1600s
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Magnificent Pre-Napoleaonic Era Chanukah Menorah, c. late 1600s,  with cast openwork and zoomorphic details with spurred decoration, recalling the design of papercuts of the period.

Heavyweight and solid.  Each part fits into the next, locking its position, with side panels held with hand-turned threads and fasteners. Cast openwork platform with eight candlesockets/oil pans which are removable with hand turned screws.

Cast openwork side pieces support 2 additional candlesockets and heavy drip pans, one to be used as a Shammas and both to be used  as a pair of candlesticks for lighting on the Sabbath days falling during Chanukah.

Handmade closures, hand turned screws.  See all views.

This is a magnificent piece.  Rare.

Maker: Eastern Europe

Dimensions: W: 12.5", Ht.: 9.5", D:6"

Item Identifier: MM-1


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