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The Lower East Side Restoration Project

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Along with each item from the collection we make a "dedication document" honoring your family members who came to the New World during the Great Immigration if you can provide us with any or all of the following:

  • Your full name and Yiddish name.
  • Name(s) of relative(s) you would like to honor who came over during the Great Immigration.
  • Their relationship to you.
  • Were you named after any of these people? If so, who?
  • Approximate date of their immigration.
  • City, town, Shtetl and/or country of origin.

There is no charge for this service. We combine your family history with historical data of the time and place of their immigration and origin. We can do a lot with very little information so if you only have family names and the Country we can make something beautiful and meaningful with that information. This is a wonderful way to honor your family and keep the family history together for yourself and future generations.

If this is a gift, please supply the information for the gift recipient along with the Occasion, Date, and how you would like the salutation to read.

(Example: To Jason on the occasion of his Bar Mitzvah 9.12.08 - with love from Robyn and Nathan)

Returns and Order Cancellations:




Items must be returned Via FEDEX GROUND within 5 business days of receipt of items, carefully packed in the original box as they were shipped to you. Items must be in perfect condition. If they have been polished or altered in any way they cannot be returned.  A restocking fee of 4.9% of purchase price will be charged to your credit card for returned items or orders hat are cancelled once your credit card has been processed. Items must be returned via Fedex Ground at the customers expense.

The Lower East Side Restoration Project
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